Bufala Mozzarella DOP from Campania

Numeric code of three digits corresponding to the progressive number of the day of the year


Buffalo milk
Natural grain serum

Nutritional values

Average nutritional values ​​referring to 100g of product:
Energy value: KCal 278 / KJ 1154
Carbohydrates 0.8g (of which 0.7g sugar)
Protein 17.4g
Fat 23.0g
Salt 0,5g

Organoleptic characteristics

COLOR: porcelain white
ODOR: sweet lactic fermentation
TASTE: pleasantly acidic, with a slight hint of musk

Physical characteristics

NET WEIGHT: a maximum error is tolerated according to the attached table i of Law no. 690
FORM: spheroidal
CONSISTENCY: soft, slightly elastic
APPEARANCE: smooth and glossy surface, with very thin crust


Allergens: milk and derivatives
GMOs: Absent

Medium Chemical / Physical Characteristics of production

Parameters Limits Reference methodology
fat matter  t.q. 22 % ± 2 fil idf 152 a-1997
humidity 60 % ± 2 d.m.21-4-86 gu supp. ord. n. 229 2-10-86
fat matter  s.s. > 52% uni iso 1735/94 par. 9.1

Microbiological characteristics of production

parameters limits Reference methodology
coliformi totali < 3000 ufc/g anfor v 08-051; febbraio 1999
e. coli < 100 ufc/g anfor v 08-053; dicembre 1999
lieviti < 5000 ufc/g anfor v 08-058; novembre 1995
muffe < 100 ufc/g anfor v 08-058; novembre 1995
s. aureus < 10 ufc/g anfor v 08-57.2; novembre 1994
salmonella ass./25 g vidas slm- anfor routine
l. monocytogenes ass./25 g vidas lmo – rapid l mono

Production technology and process temperatures

pasteurization 72 °c per 15 “
coagulation with rennet and natural serum graft 36 °c
spinning 85 ÷95
palletizing and storage in the cell ≤ 4 °c
cold chain distribution ≤ 4 °c